Cirium and Aireon Extend Partnership to Offer Live and Historical Aircraft Positional Analytics

Cirium has blended its industry-leading schedule, fleet, flight status, weather and emissions data with Aireon’s live satellite-based aircraft tracking data for next generation positional analytics and AI
Bringing together these disparate datasets provides situational awareness at a new level of coverage, granularity and accuracy
Empowering airlines, airports and other air transport players to enhance efficiency, reduce operating costs and mitigate passenger disruption

2023-06-09 14:35 출처: Cirium (런던증권거래소 REL)

LONDON--(뉴스와이어)--Cirium, the aviation analytics company, has extended its long-term agreement with Aireon, the leader in space-based aircraft tracking, to offer live and historical aircraft positional analytics for advanced situational awareness and post-operations analysis.

As Aireon’s selected partner to bring these analytics to market, Cirium is integrating its own industry-leading schedule, fleet, flight status, weather and emissions data with Aireon’s global satellite-based coverage of flight positions to create a fully comprehensive stream of gate-to-gate data.

Aireon’s satellite-based positional data ensures complete coverage of all modern aircraft, equipped with ADS-B, anywhere in the world, including aircraft flying at low altitudes, over oceans or mountainous regions, which cannot be tracked via ground-based receivers.

The enriched level of aircraft positional information will give airlines full visibility across their networks, helping to enhance operational efficiency, reduce fuel burn and mitigate passenger disruption.

“The combination of Aireon’s precise positional data and Cirium’s complete schedule, fleet, flight status and weather data bring unprecedented value to airlines, airports, OEMs, lessors and more that have historically struggled to integrate disparate and incomplete datasets. Insights derived will help to improve the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and flight connection efficiencies, improve delay diagnosis and heighten the intelligence on taxi times,” said Jeremy Bowen, CEO of Cirium.

“We are extremely proud to work with Aireon to deliver premium aircraft positional analytics and provide situational awareness at a level of granularity and accuracy which was previously unavailable.”

“Together, Aireon and Cirium will provide a comprehensive, high fidelity and real-time view of a flight from gate-to-gate. We are delighted to be a part of this growing partnership and to collaborate with Cirium to make complete aircraft positional analytics available across the industry,” said Don Thoma, CEO of Aerion.

After conducting an in-depth market review, Cirium identified Aireon as the key leader in this space with best-in-class end-to-end capabilities across data capture, coverage and quality. This ensures that Cirium is matching the most accurate positional information to the specific ID of the aircraft and the flight number for easier integration into airline and fleet tracking use cases. The data is also fused with critical analytics in Cirium’s Core, including aircraft utilization and flight history data.

Cirium’s real-time and historical aircraft positional analytics will add value for stakeholders throughout the air transport industry, including airlines, airports, aerospace companies, insurers, aircraft lessors and more.

The analytics can be accessed through multiple methods that seamlessly integrate with a business’ existing systems such as a live stream, API, database, and bespoke solutions.

Contact us to find out more. Learn more about Cirium Fleets Analyzer, Schedules and Flight Status solutions.

Notes to editors

ADS-B is an air traffic surveillance technology and standard that relies on the aircraft broadcasting their identity, a precise GPS position and other information derived from onboard systems.

Unrivalled surveillance data: Aireon’s positional data is the only ATS-grade level surveillance data available today. ATS-grade is the ability to reliably and in real-time detect key flight attributes such as position, level, and intent.

About Cirium

Cirium brings together powerful data and analytics to keep the world moving. Delivering insight, built from decades of experience in the sector, enabling travel companies, aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines and financial institutions, among others, to make logical and informed decisions which shape the future of travel, growing revenues and enhancing customer experiences. Cirium is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. The shares of RELX PLC are traded on the London, Amsterdam and New York Stock Exchanges using the following ticker symbols: London: REL; Amsterdam: REN; New York: RELX.

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About Aireon

Aireon is revolutionizing the global aviation industry with its space-based air traffic surveillance system for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft. Operational since 2019, Aireon’s ADS-B data network has enabled new levels of operational, safety, and environmental efficiencies for global Air Navigation Service Providers. Now, Aireon is harnessing that next-generation aviation surveillance technologies to bring new data capabilities to the entire aviation industry. To see what Aireon’s data can do for you, visit

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